Feb 26 2008

About Me!

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This blog is dedicated to my mom who is my inspiration and who taught me how to cook!

As a kid growing up in Vasai, which is a suburb of Bombay, India, I was fortunate enough to have a loving close knit family. We always had celebrations for occasions big or small with close relatives and friends. And yes, we always had great food. My mom was and still is well known for her cooking. She planned her meals days in advance and got us all in the kitchen to help her cook her elaborate dishes. Christmas time was always special as we got to help mom make her tasty Christmas sweets and cake. And while helping mom out in the kitchen, unawares, the seeds of the love for cooking were sowed.

I love to try out food from all parts of the world (OK.. maybe not sushi) and then try to recreate some of the dishes at home. I am partial to spicy cuisines (naturally!) and enjoy baking. I try and make my dishes healthy by limiting the amount of fat in the recipes. This collection of recipes contain some of my original recipes and some adaptations to recipes I like (from books or the web). I would appreciate if you can try out my recipes and send me suggestions. I also accept recipe requests!

When I am not cooking, I am a web developer by profession. I am very fortunate to have a loving husband and a family that enjoys (or pretends to enjoy) my food.

In case you are wondering if the pictures that I try and put out with each recipe is really a picture of the dish I have cooked. The answer is YES! and the beautiful pictures are taken by my dear husband Santosh. He loves photography and has his own photo blog.

Keep the comments coming!!

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